Refund Request Form (ONLY FOR REGISTRATION REFUND) (Wainfleet Minor Hockey)

Refund Policy In the case of a registrant withdrawing from the WMHA program, refund requests must be made in writing to the board. Refunds will only be granted in the case of a player moving from the area, injury or acceptance to a A, AA or AAA program in another center. For any other reason, refunds will be at the discretion of the board. A $50 administration fee will be applied prior to calculating the refund, including injured players. The refund will then be based on the following percentages: Before October 1 Refund minus $20.00 administration charge. Before Oct 15th 90% refund minus $50.00 insurance fee. Oct 16th to Nov 15th 70% refund Minus $50.00 insurance fee Nov 16th to Dec 15th 40% refund Minus $50.00 insurance fee After Dec 16st No refund (ex. 90% of a $500.00 registration fee is $450.00. Minus the $50.00 insurance fee. Would mean a $400.00 dollar refund) The administration fee will be waived if the player is transferring to another OMHA association due to change of residency.
Refund Information
Supply the information we need to process your refund application.
  1. Provide Player Name
  2. RadDatePicker
    Open the calendar popup.
    Provide the date they player stopped attending games and practices.
  3. eg. Injury, moved, etc.
  4. Name of the person to send the refund to
  5. Address of the person to send the refund to
  6. Phone number of the person who is requesting the refund
  7. Example: yo[email protected]. Your submission will be sent to this address.
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