Tournament Rules (Wainfleet Minor Hockey)

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Rules and Regulations

1.   There will be three ten-minute stop time periods.  Teams must be ready to start 15 minutes before your schedule game.

 NO TIME OUTS during round robin games, {Only, ONE time-out per team during regulation time of Playoffs Games.}
      Only for round robin games. If at any time during the last 5 minutes of the 3rd period the spread is greater than 5 goals, the clock will go to straight running time. It will revert to stop time if the spread is reduced to 4 goals.

3.   The first team named on the schedule is the home team. If team jersey colour conflict Home team must be prepared to change

4.   Points will be awarded as shown for round robin games: Goals for will not exceed a total of plus minus of 7
              2-points for a win
              1-point for a Tie
              0-points for a loss.
5.   Tie Breaker Format:
a) Team with most wins.
b) Head to Head Method for two teams ONLY.
c) The tie breaking formula is (Goals For / (Goals For + Goal Against) = your percentage) Highest % moves on
d) The plus differential on goals for and against.
e) The lowest total of goals scored against.
f) The highest total of goals scored for.
g) The team with the least number of total penalty minutes in the tournament.
h) If the teams are all still tied after all the above, the tie will be broken by the flip of a coin.

6. Semi/Final. In case of a Tie will go to shoot out.  
     Note: Teams must use all their players on the game sheet before a player can shoot for the second time.
     (Unless for an example) one team has 10 players and the other has 15 players the team with 15 may
     choose to use 10 shooters

    All O.M.H.A. and Niagara District rules will apply plus the above-mentioned times and overtime rules.

8.    All O.M.H.A. Rosters will be available for production upon request at any time.
       Protests: All protests must be in writing and submitted within 30 minutes of the completion of the protested game.
       Each protest must be accompanied by a $200.00 cash deposit. This will be refunded if the team wins its protest.

9.    Suspensions: Any player or team official receiving a match penalty will be expelled from further tournament play